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The Managed M&A Scorecard benchmarks the likelihood of Post-Merger Integration success and highlights your opportunity to influence Day One results.

Based on 23+ years of M&A technology integration project experience, the Scorecard has become a trusted tool for shaping your competitive edge in your industry.

Success requires the ability to engage IT staff.

Therefore, anything that reduces employee engagement reduces your ability to succeed.

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"If you want to become more effective in Post-Merger Integration success, this scorecard will give you your baseline."
Steve Ramsay – Transformation Programme Manager

The scorecard will measure you against The 5 Elements of The Managed M&A


Due to the multi-party nature of M&A projects, there are risks of expensive delays caused by disengagement. Therefore, we measure the degree to which IT staff are engaged to your M&A programme and potential risks of actively-disengaged team members.


How well do you know the IT environment that will be transformed? IT Due Diligence needs to be comprehensive in order to safe guard project delivery timelines.


Project and technical plans need to convince a wide variety of people, from the boardroom to engineers, to assure there major IT transformation work as expected. Therefore it is critical to measure the degree to which plans, technical research and Day One transitions have been developed.


How well is your team equipped to deliver the initial transformation? A smooth Day One transformation is reliant on a solid approach, plan, and engaged team made up of parties across the companies involved.


M&A Programmes must consider both Day One and Day Two opportunities. Is your team sufficiently considering Day Two opportunities for the new organisation? Are current activities building-in solutions with Day Two benefits in mind?

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"This scorecard has helped me to identify areas where I can improve my Post-Merger Integration delivery skills and enhance my chances of a great outcome."
Programme Manager – Large Fintech.